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Welcome to my shop!

     I guess you could say leatherworking runs in my family. I grew up peeking over my uncle's shoulder. The whole process fascinated me! Seeing a plain, odd-shaped piece of leather become an intricately tooled western floral belt was like magic to a 7-year-old. Any time I was left unsupervised, even for a second, I would practice the trade (hopefully just on scraps of leather, but who knows? I was young, and swinging a rawhide hammer to make art was fantastic)! I'm not 7 anymore, but my fascination with leatherworking has only grown over the years.

     I had a wise old friend tell me once to "find something you love to do, then find someone who will pay you to do it."  For me, that's leatherworking.  I started Leather by Lacy in 2006, during my senior year of high school, after taking a few free classes at my local Tandy's and realizing how much I still enjoyed it. Custom belts and wallets paid part of my college tuition to Oklahoma State University.  After graduating with a degree in Animal Science, I just never could convince myself to give up my hobby for a "real job," so now I play with leather full time--that is, of course, if the cattle haven't gotten out again and the horses aren't getting into some kind of trouble.

     The moral of the story is this little shop is an outlet for my creativity!  Taking my business online has given my craft the exposure I lacked earlier, and after several years of selling on Etsy, I have grown in both experience and loyal customers.  I'm currently still an Etsy seller, and several of my items aren't listed here yet, but you will get a better deal on this website than on Etsy, since fees and cost of doing business are lower here.  I love doing custom leatherwork, and have started dabbling in jewelry-making as well. I love the challenge of putting something seemingly impossible on leather. It makes me tick. From what I hear, I'm pretty good at it, but you can be the judge on that.

     My mission is to create quality leather items that are as tough and unique as you are.   I add new items frequently, so take a look around and see what's new!  You can also sign up for my newsletter to be informed of sales.  No worries, though, I won't sell your information or spam you.  Nobody likes that.  Happy browsing!

Leather by Lacy Owner

Meet Lacy!

Hello!  I'm Lacy Darden, the designer, maker, and all-around working gal here at Leather by Lacy.  I'm a Christian, a wife, a Cherokee, a redhead, and an old soul.  I raise horses, cats, cows, and Australian Shepherds, and I love Oklahoma sunsets, bad puns, and everything leather, turquoise, and silver. I value honesty and hard work, and I try to make that show in my business.

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